Best Margarita Ever

For the Super Bowl this year, we decided to enjoy a few margaritas.

Since both me and the hubby DO NOT like the mixes (too salty), we decided to come 
up with something on our own.

I happened to have some Grand Marnier left over 
from a previous party, so with that and some fresh citrus, we made it happen.

So good! Hubby said it was the best margarita he's ever had.

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1/2 cup fresh squeezed juice (4 limes, 1 orange, 1 lemon)
1 cup silver tequila
1/4 cup triple sec
1/4 cup Grand Marnier
6 tbsp simple syrup

Make the simple syrup first by combining 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water in a small sauce pan. Heat over low heat, stirring occasionally until sugar is completely melted. Let cool.

Juice the limes, orange and lemon into a bowl. This will make just over a 1/2 cup.

Put all ingredients into a blender with a handful of ice and blend until smooth. Pour over crushed ice and enjoy.

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