BBQ Smokies

I don't think things get much easier than these BBQ Smokies, and I can't remember ever having come across anyone who doesn't enjoy eating them.

Simple and delicious, with just a few ingredients that you just throw in a pot, simmer and devour. And that's usually how they "get gone", yes, I said "get gone",,,,,,by being devoured.

Just throw the entire package, or 2 or 3, in a pot or skillet. I like to get a 
little color on mine before I add the sauces.

And here's the line-up. These 3 simple ingredients make the best 
BBQ sauce for these little nuggets of goodness. 

Give them a good simmer to thicken up the sauce,,,,,

and done. Easy easy easy, and scrumptious. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, 
I lightened things up by using the turkey smokies. I think they're just has good as the beef, 
and nobody ever knows the difference.

The measurements I used for the sauce is:  1/4 cup of the Chipotle BBQ Sauce, 1/4 cup of the jam (grape jelly works well too), and 1 cup of the KC Masterpiece. I've found that's a pretty good ratio for a crowd, but if you want it spicier just adjust the ratios. 

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