"Things that make you go,,,Awww"

I haven't been around a lot lately and this is the reason why......

This is Kathryn Elizabeth

She joined us March 17th, so needless to say, that was my best St. Patties Day ever.

She is so precious....

Just like her big sister Kasidee.

Along with my 2 grandsons. Here are all the kids with my son Clark. I love this picture.
My grandkids are such a joy!

This is Isaac and,,,,,

this is Elijah. They enjoyed their new little cousin.

This is Clarks wife, Jenny. She's a great mom. Clark and her were here last weekend to
see "Baby Kathryn" as Kasidee calls her.

Blessings from above.

Love this one!


My 3 girls. My daughter Chelsea and her 2 girls.

The proud Grandpa holding his 2 favorite granddaughters.

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