Crispy Carnitas Chipotle Wraps

I hate to even use the word leftovers anywhere in this post because it just does not do these wraps justice. They were so good.

I had some of the Beef Carnitas meat left and no way was it going to waste. I was also pressed for time, so I came up with these wraps. I know it was way similar to how I had served the meat the night before, but honestly, no one cared.

I made some of  my Creamy Chipotle Spread, which is probably my favorite condiment. I use it on all kinds of sandwiches, burger, hotdogs and tacos. It is "smack your lips good" and really simple. Anyway, I made that and added some warmed up carnitas meat, corn, onion, cheddar cheese and avocado.

Then you just roll it up, brush it with olive oil, and brown it in a skillet.

This one was my hubby's. He smothered his with some green taco sauce, more cheese and onions.

I made mine with goat cheese instead of cheddar. It did not need a thing.

Simply delicious!

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  1. What a delicious looking wrap! I love your carnitas and the way you cooked the flour tortilla crispy. YUM!