Cranberry Ice Bucket

This ice bucket is such a clever way to keep your wine or sparkling ciders chilled. 
It has such a wow factor and is very easy to make. I saw the idea on a great blog I follow called "Between Naps On The Porch".

I think someone actually sells the containers to make this in, but I just found a plastic tupperware container and placed a glass vase that I had inside, then placed some coins inside the vase to weigh it down. It was the perfect size for a wine bottle. (Yes, I used glass. I considered the fact that it may break due to the pressure of the ice expanding while it froze but it was cheap and I didn't care, plastic would probably be better)

Just pour water between the two containers to almost full and then your cranberries. Finish filling with water to the top if necessary. I let it freeze over night.
To get it out....after removing the money, I filled the inside with first cool water and let it sit a few minutes, poured that out then filled again with luke warm water. 
I used a paper towel to help with holding on to the glass and just started 
turning it around and pulling up.

It took a little work but I got it out, and in one piece. Once I ran some warm water on the outside of it, the ice came out of the plastic bucket easily.

 I placed it in a pretty bowl with some greenery and a few silver ornaments and  used it to keep some sparkling apple cider chilled for our drinks we served at Girls Day Out.

This bucket looked just as cool once it started melting and the cranberries started falling off.

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