Cheese Egg Mushroom and Thyme Scramble

The last several weeks one of my ducks has started laying. I have a total of 3 female and 3 males but will be ordering 6 more females this spring.

This is my first 3. Harley (Roens) in the front with Pink and Norman (White Pekin) behind.
We picked them up at the Saline County Fair and just fell in love with them.

So we had to have more. 9 total is what we had until a couple of weeks ago.

We enclosed an open side of our barn out back and made them a really great home. It was actually alot of fun. It was almost finished here.

Once they grew up we ended up with 6 drakes (males) and only 3 females. Let me tell you what, boy oh boy were things getting out of hand. The females would have never survived the attention. Several of the drakes HAD to go. The females appreciated it very much.

Aren't they cute,,,,They're all grown up now.  Anyway,

I had accumulated 4 duck eggs, which are soo good, better than chicken eggs, some mushrooms and leftover Jarlsberg cheese from the Vegetable Tian I had made, oh, and some fresh thyme.

So I sauteed up some onion; added some sliced mushrooms with a little salt and pepper, and cooked those until they released their liquid and got some color.

In another skillet, I scrambled up the eggs that had been whisked up with some
kosher salt and fresh thyme. Normally I would have just added them to my
cast iron pan that I sauteed off the onion and mushrooms in, but sometimes the eggs
end up looking a little too brown for a picture so I used a different one.

While they were still somewhat soft I added in some grated Jarlsberg cheese
and stirred in the mushroom onion mixture.


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